Most women golfers do need clubs that differ greatly in specifications from the average male golfer. One of the biggest issues I see with most lady golfers is that they carry way too many clubs in their bags. For some ladies who have an above average swing speed (80 mph or above with their driver), the conventional set makeup that consists of 14 clubs separated by roughly 4° of loft between each club is perfectly adequate.

However for the vast majority of lady golfers who have a swing speed of well below 70 mph with their driver, this set makeup is a waste of money that leads to confusion more than anything else.

Women golfers who come and see me sometimes tell me; ” I want to get more distance from the fairway so I should be able to hit my 3 wood but I can’t ?! Can you make me a 3 wood that will get me more distance? ”   Well the answer is usually NO!! In order to hit a 3 wood off the fairway farther than your 5 or 7 wood,  you need to have a very high club head speed,something women usually don’t have. The reality is that even the average male golfer does not benefit from hitting a 3 wood off the fairway due the very low loft that a 3 wood has.(exception being when it is hit off the tee due to the higher launch angle that is being produced.)

For those women golfers,or men golfers who have lost a fair amount of clubhead swing speed,the solution is a set that consists of fewer clubs  seperated by at least 6° of loft between every club.