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-12 years + of professional custom clubmaking and clubfitting.

To quote an old business adage, “If you can’t measure something, you can’t manage it”, J.R.GOLF has unmatched capabilities when it comes to measuring both golf clubs statically and dynamically.

-You get to deal with someone who is certified and who can assist you in sorting out the facts from the myths when it comes to marketing and the performance of golf clubs.

-J.R.GOLF’s main goal is never to sell you golf clubs so much as making sure you have the right tools fitted to your game so you can play the best golf you possibly can given your abilities.

-All custom golf clubs assembled on site with unmatched precision using the best equipment and tools available on the market.

-All clubs are certified to be on target for loft, lie, face angle, flex and swing weight.

-Fitting area has over 22 feet of ball flight so that you get accurate data and you don’t feel cramped during the fitting.

-Lifetime warranty on assembly.

-If need be, repairs are performed right here on site and promptly.

-You get to be custom fitted according to your swing and physical traits.

-All recommendations made are based on what you need and not on inventory stocks since I don’t carry one. Most components are ordered after club selection.

-You get to take part in the selection process of every component that goes into your clubs and you never have the obligation to buy a whole set of irons for instance.

-Every club or set of clubs is registered and conserved on file for future reference.(if ever a club is broken or lost it can then be rebuilt exactly to it’s original specs)